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Кожаная куртка 5393-07

Leather jacket 5393-07

Картинка Кожаная куртка 5393-07 от магазина Udekasi Furs

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Genuine Leather

Bright image for stylish and courageous! Red color will emphasize your femininity and attractiveness. Leather "leather jacket" probably will appeal to girls who always want to be the center of attention, and women who are not afraid to demonstrate their beauty and emphasize the dignity of the figure.
Kurt stitched from the highest quality leather. Nappa is made from selected sheep skins that have been specially treated and impregnated with special formulations. They make it very soft, thin, delicate to the touch, and at the same time it is very durable and wear-resistant. Departure requires a minimum, and it retains its original appearance for years.
Metal fittings, which are not only functional, but also decorative, emphasize the brilliance of the material and give the model a special highlight. The YKK accessories are durable and reliable; they are used by the leading fashion designers of the world for the production of luxury clothing and accessories.
The red leather jacket goes well with a romantic, business-like, casual style, is comfortable, perfectly protects from rain and wind and always looks amazing!
Why you should buy such a jacket:
• bright image even on an overcast gray day;
• warm and comfortable;
• current style;
• original design;
• opportunities to wear with whatever accessories and shoes.
The scarlet jacket is stylish clothes for irresistible women!
Length: 53 cm Type of fastener: zipper YKK Material: Nappa genuine leather


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