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Парка с мехом Gold Island Fox 5330-336

Parka with fur Gold Island Fox 5330-336

Парка с мехом Gold Island Fox 5330-336 от Udekasi Furs

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Gold Island Fox

Perfect model for stylish, practical, self-confident women! This park goes well with things and sports and classic style shoes that are in demand for casual and always popular denim. But high-heeled boots with her will look harmonious and even a little bold.
Park with fur Gold Island Fox - this is a great solution for girls and women who know how to combine work with travel, walking. Thanks to the comfortable cut of the park, it sits perfectly and does not hamper movement, and most importantly - performs the main function, provides you with warmth in the winter cold!
Of course, the main decoration of the model is the golden Icelandic fox fur. This fur is produced in a limited volume, not every woman of fashion can boast such beauty. However, he is not just great, he gives his owner a feeling of warmth and comfort. In production, only backs of skins are used, they are the most wear-resistant, so the park will last a long time.
Additional insulation is tinsuleyt - a material developed for use in the space industry. It is super-light, provides air circulation, but at the same time it has low thermal conductivity and does not absorb moisture at all.
The raincoat fabric of soft brown color perfectly harmonizes with the golden fur, emphasizes its shine. However, the fabric "cover" parks can be independent clothing - light and comfortable windbreaker. It is enough only to unfasten the fur and linings with insulation. Make it easy thanks to high-quality YKK fittings.
Why this model is so popular:
• universal style and color;
• luxurious fur of rare species;
• practicality;
• 2 models in one - warm park and light windbreaker;
• ease of care ha cloth.
Parka with Gold Island Fox fur is clothing that takes care of your comfort, gives confidence and gives a good mood on the most inclement day.
Length: 90 cm   Fur: Fox Gold Island Fox   Type of fastener: zipper YKK   Insulation: holofiber The park consists of two full parts that can be worn both together (in the photo) and independently - separately. Fur vest with balonev sleeves (sleeves also come unfastened) and for warmer weather just the top jacket is a windbreaker from a windproof material that can be easily washed in a regular washing machine.


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