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Парка с мехом лисы Smoky Fox 5380-147

Park with fur Smoky Fox 5380-147

Парка с мехом лисы Smoky Fox 5380-147 от Udekasi Furs

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Smoky Fox

This model is in high demand among customers. The secret of popularity is the harmonious combination of practicality and beauty. Smoky Fox's fox fur parka is comfort even in the most severe frost, freedom of movement and impeccably elegant look.

What is the practicality of parks?

The length of the model is slightly above the knee, which means that you will be warm even on a windy frosty day. By the way, the drawstring with the drawstring at the hem and at the waist not only makes it possible to fit the park on the figure, but also to improve the “thermal insulation”. Clamps are very reliable and guaranteed to hold the laces in your chosen position.

Smoky Fox fox fur parka is insulated with tin-slate - an advanced version of the thermal insulation fiber created by US scientists for the space industry. Tinsuleyt does not absorb moisture at the same time, while not impeding the penetration of air. Breathable material with low thermal conductivity is very light, almost weightless, so it is actively used for the manufacture of children's and sports clothing.

A deep hood with lush fur covers well the head and neck, so it is not necessary to spoil the styling with a hat.

Now let's talk about beauty.

Classic cut slims, allows you to emphasize the figure and at the same time boast slender legs. Deep dark blue color is always in fashion and is perfect for blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes. The highlight of the model is a unique smoky fox fur, produced in very limited quantities. Long ostevogo hair emphasizes the overflow of flowers podushki - from coffee to cream.

Advantages of the model:

• great for women of all ages;

• casual style is harmoniously combined with the most different shoes and accessories;

• the warm lining comes off with fur, and you can wear a lightweight park in mid-autumn or spring instead of a raincoat;

• 4 pockets - 2 on the chest and on the hips;

• accessories of the Japanese company YKK;

• fabric - a dense water-repellent raincoat.
Length: 100 cm
Fur: Smoky Fox Saga Royal
Outer material: 100% polyester (polyester)
Lining: 100% nylon (nylon)
Type of fastener: YKK zipper
Insulation: Thinsulate (thinsulate)


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