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Халат (спандонд 25г/м2 и 50г/м2) 7024

Bathrobe (spandond 25g / m2 and 50g / m2) 7024

Халат (спандонд 25г/м2 и 50г/м2) 7024 от магазина  Udekasi Furs

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Surgical gown with ties with sleeve with cuff size
Disposable bathrobes are used to provide additional protection against the spread of bacteria and pollution in the premises. It is used in institutions where it is necessary to observe the sanitary regime: medical clinics, food factories, manufacturing enterprises, etc.

Disposable bathrobes are made from non-woven polypropylene spunbond material. This material has the following properties: excellent breathability and water repellent function.

Thanks to the elastic knitted cuff, the robe is firmly fixed on the arm. The sleeve provides the necessary comfort in work, even with prolonged wear.

Disposable dressing gowns are worn over basic clothing and are fixed on the back with ties.

• Additional protection thanks to water-repellent material
• Elasticated cuffs and trim collar
• Breathable fabric
• Reliable fixation
[Материал: спандбонд 25/50
Длинна: 120 см


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